Managed Print Services save money: know more about your printers & print less

Managed Print Services adds value, saves moneyand is a mightily effective means of controlling your photocopier printing costs. Copytype will, by your agreement, perform an audit of your printing and establish base line costs with you. We will agree a plan with you to implement new base line standardized printing so that you are in control of monitoring your printing. We will have a link to your printer so toners, drums etc are all fully operational and Copytype can keep your machine operating efficiently. We will conduct periodic reviews per the flow-chart following.


Managed Print Services flow-chart

  1. Establish a base line of usage and costs. So, assess the printers in use and ascertain amount of printing being done, toners being used etc.
  2. Copytype will recommend the most viable solution(s) based on your usage and any projections.
  3. We will implement the agreed solution with our fully trained technicians at your site.
  4. Thanks to remote monitoring of the device, Copytype will manage and monitor to ensure replacement toners are delivered on time. We will identify faults before or as they happen and react immediately to minimize any downtime.
  5. Copytype will review the process with you and provide detailed reporting and statistics on usage of your devices. We can monitor your printing and document workflow processes, suggest continual improvements so that your organisation benefits from higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

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