Copytype and the Burren Pine Project

Copytype is proud to partner with Burren Beo, in their unique ecological restoration project, reviving Ireland’s only native pine tree, the beautiful Pinus sylvestris.

Every Epson Ecco Office Printer Copytype sells we make a contribution on behalf of ourselves and our customers to the Pine Project.

The remarkable re-discovery of Ireland’s native pine after 1,500 years

The beautiful Pinus sylvestris is Ireland’s only native pine tree which, according to pollen and archaeological records, once dominated the Burren landscape. Thought to have died out in Ireland around 1,500 years ago, it was later reintroduced from Scotland, leading to its common name ‘Scot’s pine’. Thrillingly however, recent investigations by scientists at Trinity College Dublin confirmed the presence of a ‘microrefugium’ of native pine trees at a remote site in the Burren, Co. Clare.

This latest research has confirmed that the Burren supports the only confirmed native stand of pine trees and that this ”native population of pine trees is of high conservation value but its rarity increases its extinction risk. Cooperation between forestry and nature conservation agencies is needed to ensure its continued survival and to develop opportunities for the restoration of native pinewoods in Ireland.”


A unique ecological restoration opportunity for businesses & individuals

Our ambition at the Burrenbeo Trust is to help restore these pine-dominated woodland communities in the Burren and we invite like-minded individuals and businesses to join hands with us in achieving this goal. Your sponsorship will enable us to plant a number of small (100 pine trees) ‘mini-forests’ across the region.

These mini-forests, in close proximity to the original site, will act as nurseries for the native pine trees, the seeds from which will be a valuable resource for the future expansion of the species in Ireland, reducing its vulnerability to extinction.

These rare trees represent a genetic resource of inestimable value which you now have an opportunity to protect.

400 trees in just three days


Hundreds of young trees now ready for planting

Seeds from the isolated population of native pines in the Burren have been collected under license from the National Parks and Wildlife Service, nurtured and grown in a local nursery in individual pots, and are now ready to be planted out. We have identified several local landowners who are generously willing to donate small plots of land to host these trees in perpetuity. We also have a team of conservation volunteers who will plant, protect and manage the trees and the sites. Additionally, all income generated will be used to support Burrenbeo’s award-winning conservation work.

Copytype believes that a greener future is a better future.


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